Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Meet Daphne Selfe, the world's oldest supermodel

Daphne grew up in Berkshire, the daughter of a teacher, and was packed off to boarding school at eight. At the age of 20, working as a ‘shop girl in coats’ in a Reading department store, she entered a local newspaper’s modelling competition and won.
With mane of silver hair, an etiolated neck, high cheekbones, bright, intelligent, lively eyes, and all 83 of her years etched upon her face. Daphne Selfe is the world’s oldest supermodel. Without no botox or facelift, Daphne at the age when most model might have packed-up, but she still look elegantly fit for the camera. Daphne is surprisingly without vanity.

Wow, beauty and longevity all in one pack.

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