Saturday, 10 March 2012

More Deportation Drama - Britain deports 120 Nigerians

Is it a deportation month? Just after the South African deportation saga, it is reported that Britain has deported 120 Nigerians. The deportees arrived MMIA in the early hours of Friday, and it is said that  it was actually planned for them to arrive in the wee hours so as not to cause undue attention from the public.
The deportess were airlifted back home aboard a chartered cargo aircraft that landed at the cargo section of the international airport.

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The Nigerians were deported for various immigration offences, details of which we do not have.
The deportees are young Nigerians who went outside the shores of Nigeria for greener pasture, they lamented their experience and claimed the British authorities were unfair as they got them unawares.
A long lady said: “I am not interested in discussing why we were brought back home but my problem now is how to get out of this airport without drawing unusual attention. I must, however, add that it is not a pleasant experience.’’
The source said that the deportees also made frantic efforts to move their luggage which were packed in `Ghana Must Go’ bags from the cargo wing of the airport to the airport’s main gate, preparatory to finding their ways out of the airport.
I'm sure there's no senator in this batch, now, let us see if our Senators will bite like they did when one of theirs was so treated.

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