Thursday, 8 March 2012

Kim K wants to adopt secretly?

Kim K really wants to be a mother it seems. There are reports that she is planning to secretly adopt. Kim K , a mother? I wonder how that'll pan out, maybe motherhood will work wonders on our Kim K. Read more below:

When Kim Kardashian gave up the fairy tale of living happily ever after with Kris Humphries, she didn't give up her dream of becoming a mother. Today Kim, 31, has begun the process of adopting a baby as a single mother. "Kim has always been very maternal," an insider says. "Of the three sisters, she's the one who's been saying that she's ready for kids the longest."
Since her split from Kris last October, Kim has been keeping a lower profile by working hard and spending more time with her sisters and mother. This time to think has cemented Kim's certainty that she should take steps to adopt a baby by herself.
"It's all top secret, but the adoption is already underway," a source explains. "Kim is ready. She's made inquiries and gotten information. Now she just has to decide where she wants the baby to come from."

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