Sunday, 4 March 2012

Halle Berry's Baby Daddy wants to "chop her money"

Things that happen! Can this happen in Nigeria? I feel the judge will just properly scold the young man and educate him on manly virtues, but in far away America, the land of the brave and free, Gabriel Aubry, father of Halle Berry's 3 year old daughter, Nahla, is actively seeking to chop her money as he is requesting from a court that Halle Berry pays some 15000 - 20000 dollars monthly to him supposedly for a 'proper home'. Seems he wants Beverly Hills style housing. He has also asked for money for other things.

Halle is fighting this and the next hearing wil be on April 9th.

The fine boy no de shame, no dulling, but really it is surprising to see how people who were once so intimate get to this kind of stage. It's sad also.

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