Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Boko Haram Strikes Kaduna

News are still sketchy yet, but  comfirmed reports confirm that Kaduna was put in a state of schock today, as members of radical Islamic sect Boko Haram launched attacks in Kaduna targeted at Military Installations.
A first bomb was detonated under a flyover in Kawo killing 3 people who were riding in a bus. A second and third a explosion went off at the 1st Mechanized Division of the Nigerian army and shortly afterwards a third explosion rocked the Nigerian Airforce base near.
The flyover connects both military bases. The Nigerian military has sealed off the scenes of the explosions making it difficult to verify the number of victim relating to the explosions.
 The Nigerian army has not issued a formal statement about the incident, a move interpreted by reporters on the ground as a clever attempt to control information emerging from the attack and possibly cover up the number of casualties.

9ja don turn Iraq O!!!

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